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New Client Special - Includes An Initial One-On-One Hypnosis Phone Session For Your Goal W/ Introduction. $77 

TOLL FREE - We have consolidated our local phone numbers, so that all clients and students, from various states around the country, can reach us easily from any location.

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In order to determine whether or not you will be accepted, we will need to make sure that you can handle confronting what's actually happening and take feedback.

You are screened via phone appointment to make sure that you are following directions when you're here so that we can have a reasonable expectation of your success. If we think you need to be somewhere else, we will tell you that.

We will walk you through the exact steps you need to get your change...

"Gets It” So Clearly In Her Screening That She Loses 3 Lbs. Even BEFORE Her First Session
The screening is a really important part of this. It’s a commitment to completely change the way you think about yourself, your habits, and other people, too. The week between my screening and first session, I lost 3 lbs., even before I had the other tools. I believe it’s because I listened carefully and fully committed to the program that helped me begin to change my mind about food and weight.
After countless efforts of trying “program” after “program” to battle the bulge of two babies, gym memberships, personal trainers, weight loss “drugs” and other various “fixes”, I knew I needed to take control… and it truly was mind over matter. After 2 weeks, 6 Lbs., and a happier me, that’s the power I needed.


Susan Jolley, Development Officer, Client

“It Will Work For Me, Too”
“The free screening helped me to know it would work for me, too. I knew it was the right place immediately.”
Candace Richter, Client

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not close to Charleston? That’s okay. We also provide personal coaching programs via the telephone or Skype. Please click on the links or call for more. 855-669-2426

Please remember that we are a scent-free office and to mute cell phones. For consideration for others at the center and our staff, please make sure that if you smell like cigarette, please be free and clean of the smell before coming in to the office. The best way to do this is not to smoke just before coming in, and to be wearing fresh clothes.

We believe that we offer the best service available,
the lowest possible cost, with the least amount of hassle.
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Professional Design

Professional Hypnotist with in-depth experience in hypnosis provides individual sessions for custom programs.

Stay-With-You Guarantee

Regardless of how many sessions you may need to attain your desired results and goals, we stay with the problem until you are happy. We offer a Written Service Guarantee!

Free Screening

We provide a 30-40 minute screening. It’s fun and informative. We will give you an honest and in-depth explanation of hypnosis and evaluation of your situation. We'll tell you whether or not we feel hypnosis is right for you. Obviously, because programs are customized for each client, we cannot estimate prices before evaluating you and your situation. You must have a free screening. There's no risk. No obligation. If you are really sincere about solving your problem, then call us right now to find out if this is the answer you've been searching for. Read more here.



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